Brady Krysiewicz is using his influence on the field to rally other goalkeepers and inspire his community to find solutions or “cures” for problems off the field.


Brady Krysiewicz has always wanted to help people, so when his soccer coaches spoke to him about using leadership skills learned on the field to help people off the field, Brady was inspired to take action.

During a 2019 goalkeeper summer camp, Brady came up with Keeper for a Cure. Although his initial campaign raised money to help find a cure for breast cancer—a cause close to his heart—Brady chose the word “cure” because he wanted to help find solutions to a number of different challenges and problems faced by people in the community.

As he organized and fundraised for Keeper for a Cure, Brady realized he could have even more influence if he could get other goalkeepers involved. In soccer, the goalkeeper has the back of his or her teammates. Brady’s goal is to get more goalkeepers to join together to have the back of their communities.

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