During a 2019 goalkeeper summer camp, Brady came up with Keeper for a Cure. Although his initial campaign raised money to help find a cure for breast cancer—a cause close to his heart—Brady chose the word “cure” because he wanted to help find solutions to a number of different challenges and problems faced by people in the community.


Keeper for a Cure was created by Brady Krysiewicz, a 10-year-old goalkeeper from Virginia. Brady has always understood that his job on the field it is to protect the goal and communicate with his teammates. But, during his soccer training sessions, Brady’s coaches reminded him that his goalkeeper training is also teaching him to be a leader, and they encouraged him to use his leadership skills off the field as well. 

Brady was inspired and got right to work.  Because Brady has family members who have battled breast cancer, he decided to raise money for the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation in order to support breast cancer education and research in the area. 

As he organized and fundraised for Keeper for a Cure, Brady realized he could have even more influence if he could get other goalkeepers involved. In soccer, the goalkeeper has the back of his or her teammates. Brady’s goal is to get more goalkeepers to join together to have the back of their communities. Read more about Brady’s first campaign below! 



Brady is a 10 year old Goalkeeper from Madison Heights Virginia, who currently is playing for the SOCA organization in Charlottesville. He has been playing soccer since he was 3 years old and started playing goalie at 6.

Besides playing soccer, Brady likes to skateboard, ride bikes, hang out with his best friend Emerson, play with his sister Charlotte and play video games. Bradys goals include being the goalkeeper for the University of North Carolina,  playing in the MLS and one day becoming a coach.

The First Campaign

Brady’s first campaign for Keeper for a Cure was in support of the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation. Brady’s goal was to raise $1200, but he ended up raising $1300.

Brady connected the campaign to his soccer games by encouraging supporters to donate based on how many stops he made each time.


Get Involved!

The Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation (VBCF), founded in 1991, is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization committed to the eradication of breast cancer through education and advocacy.

Our goals are to establish the end of breast cancer as a state and national priority, to advocate for the collective needs of people affected by breast cancer and to educate all Virginians on the truth about breast cancer.

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